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March 18, 2018 19:01:38

The TclHttpd is a pure Tcl implementation of a Web server. It runs as a Tcl script on top of Tcl. This server is running Tcl 8.4.4. There is more TclHttpd version information about using other versions of Tcl and the Standard Tcl Library (tcllib).

While this server works fine as a stand alone web server, the intent is to embed the server in other applications in order to "web enable" them. A Tcl-based web server is ideal for embedding because Tcl was designed from the start to support embedding into other applications. The interpreted nature of Tcl allows dynamic reconfiguration of the server. Once the core interface between the web server and the hosting application is defined, it is possible to manage the web server, upload Safe-Tcl control scripts, download logging information, and otherwise debug the Tcl part of the application without restarting the hosting application.

The server is distributed under a copyright that allows free use.

The tclhttpd-users@lists.sourceforge.net mailing list is the best source of current information about TclHttpd.

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