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This server has the interesting ability to reload parts of its implementation dynamically. This lets you add features and fix bugs without ever restarting. It is even possible to setup a debug session with TclPro. This is made possible with the help of the /debug URL. The debug module has e.g. several useful URLs that let you examine variable values and other internal state.

The /debug URLs are:












For more specific information about the calls see the debug module.

Some examples:


It is also possible to debug tclhttpd with TclPro. Briefly you have to perform following steps:
Enable the tclhttpd server for debugging (see httpdthread.tcl).
Setup a Project in TclPro with Debugging Type "Remote Debugging"; define the portnumber; start TclPro by calling


The tclhttpd server will connect to a TclPro Session running on host <hostname> listening for remote connections on port number <portnumber>
In case TclPro is running on the "localhost" listening for the default portnumber "2576" it is enough to call

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