Tcl-based Templates

This page shows the very simple processing done for page.subst pages. These pages process Tcl embedded in pages, but don't have the more sophisticated support developed for the page.tml pages.

The time is Mon Aug 21 23:29:31 UTC 2017

Here is a look inside the httpd server module. This is generated with the html::tableFromArray command applied to the Httpd array variable in the server.
bufsize 16384
currentSocket sock10
initialized 1
library /opt/htbase/KITBASE/SERVER/STANDARD.kit/bin/../lib/tclhttpd3.5.1
listen sock7
maxthreads 0
maxused 25
port 80
server Tcl-Webserver/3.5.1 May 27, 2004
shutdown Counter_CheckPoint
sockblock 0
timeout1 120000
timeout2 120000
timeout3 2000
version 3.5.1 May 27, 2004